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Omaha Film Festival

The Omaha Film Festival featured a documentary by Rie Takeuchi on the design of the world’s first microprocessor chip set for the US Navy F-14 “TomCat” Fighter Jet desiged by Ray Holt from 1968-1970. Enjoy the 15 minute documentary.

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Robotics Team Wins A First Place in State Robotics

Mount Olive Ministries’ (MOM) Warriors Robotics team earned first place for Presentation and fifth place ranking in the robot challenge in the Robotics Alliance of Mississippi (RAM) State Competition held December 3, 2011 at Lake Terrace Convention Center in Hattiesburg.

Coming within three points of taking second place, the Warriors competed against 46 teams for the top position.

Tony C. Duckworth, president of MOM, couldn’t be happier. It has only been a year and a half since Duckworth implemented a Rural Robotics Program (RRP) as a component of MOM. It is also the first time RRP students have entered a competition.

“I am so proud,” says Duckworth. “To see them compete for the first time and walk away with a first place award is phenomenal.”

The Warriors were the only competing team within a 50-mile radius of Hattiesburg.

Hannah Love, an eighth-grader at Mount Olive Attendance Center, Mt. Olive, Miss., was anxious about the competition. Competitors held low expectations of them she said.

“Everyone was telling us that as a first-year team, we would do bad and not place, but we did great,” said Love, 14.

Instructor Ray Holt said the team performed like old pros.

California Native Adapts to Southern Living Through Serving

California Native Adapts to Southern Living Through Serving

I know it’s been awhile since I have published an update. This article will help you know what I have been doing. I will try to improve my blog update record.  Thanks for all who provide support for my work here in rural Mississippi.  Your rewards will be great.  Ray

Technology expert and Webmaster introduces robotics to Mt. Olive Ministries.  Nearly two years ago, Ray Holt, having sold most of his possessions, was living in a motorhome in Oklahoma ready to embark upon a new adventure. Except, what the adventure would be, he wasn’t exactly sure. He did know, however, that he wanted to serve. His thoughts were to serve as he traveled the USA. visiting State and Federal Parks.

   At 65, the divorced father had raised three sons in California; Mark, Mike, Brett.  Having been born and raised in Los Angeles he didn’t know much about the rest of the country.  His work took him to Silicon Valley (San Jose,CA) where he became a pioneer in the computer industry.  He’d also made quite a name for himself in the world of technology, having become recognized as the founding father of the world’s first microprocessor chip (a chip that places the central elements of a computer onto silicon chips.  The invention launched the digital revolution that now sells billions of units a year). As a volunteer he also founded and ran a youth-based non-profit organization called the Christian Athletic Association, Inc for 25 years that served over 10,000 youth in soccer, basketball, baseball and mission trips.

An article in The Wall Street Journal written September 22, 1998, also credits Holt for his pioneering work of a parallel multi-microprocessor chip set for the U.S. Navy’s F-14A “Tomcat” fighter jet which simultaneously calculated air speed, wing position and altitude.  On September 1, 2009 the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum magazine also recognized this work as one of the top 10 unique and innovative designs of the 20th century making flying safer and easier.  Holt’s website is located at:

Yet Holt still had the desire to do something else just as monumental – somewhere.

“Like many others, I want to be obedient to the Lord and make a difference in this world and have my time here on earth count for eternity,” says Holt.

Chickens For Sale – Whole or Pieces?

Chickens For Sale – Whole or Pieces?

I am still amazed at the difference in a large church in a large city and a small church in a small community.  Last Sunday the Pastor of Mendenhall Bible Church announced that the ministry farm had too many chickens for the available room and that some of them will be prepared to be served for dinner. A group of agriculture majors from a midwest Christian college are here for a week and will do the preparations.  I declined the offer as my refrig is very small.

Remember the pigs for sale? Well, 35 pigs were pledged and next month they will be purchased and fed until summer when they will be sold for 5 – 10 times cost. Feed has been donated so the profit will be higher than normal.

Settling In and Pigs in Church !!!

Settling In and Pigs in Church !!!

It’s pretty hard to believe that I have been here about six weeks. My little apartment looks like I have been here for a year. My schedule has been non-stop preparing and teaching classes and creating webpages.  Everyone is very very nice and courtesy and gracious to me.  I could not ask for a neighborhood of nicer people.

Like I said in my last update this area (Southern Mississippi) is like a “technology black hole.”  This does not mean that the people can’t learn, it just means that they do not have opportunities to learn.  Computer classes are rare and affordable computer classes are non-existent.  Elementary and middle schools rarely teach computers and most high schools only have time to teach what is called discovery and basic computer which is “this is a computer” and “keyboarding.” Teaching Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint is a rare occurrence.  The need to teach adults is even greater. Half of my students are adults.

A Technology "Black Hole"

A Technology “Black Hole”

I sure hit the ground running.   If I could describe my experience so far I would say I have ran into a “Technology Black Hole.”  The need is very great here to teach and use technology.

Just about everyday since I arrived in Mississippi I have had something to do. Most of it is meeting with people and trying to setup my activities and schedules.  I am mainly doing two things; teaching classes and creating web pages.

Currently, I am teaching six computer classes and working on ten websites. I have also fixed numerous computer problems and Internet issues.  Here is my normal schedule.

A Place Called Home for Awhile:  Mendenhall, MS

A Place Called Home for Awhile: Mendenhall, MS

It is strange knowing I will be here for awhile as all of my previous visits over the last 30+ years have been 1-2 weeks at a time.  I am staying in a small apartment above the John and Vera Mae Perkins Visitor Center at the Mendenhall Ministries. Most of my work will be with ministries all over the state.  Here are some pictures of where I am staying and the surrounding buildings and neighborhood. Mendenhall has the left-overs of being a divided city with the white and black side of the tracks. It was a classical racially divided city in the 50-70′s and basically still is today.  I am on the classical black side which is still predominately black. Click “Full Story” below to see pictures of where I live, the city and my neighborhood.

Am I lost? Mendenhall, MS

Am I lost? Mendenhall, MS

For the full story of why I am in Mendenhall, MS and my relationship with this and other rural Mississippi ministries click HERE.  On Wednesday, January 13, 2010 I left Baton Rouge, LA for Mendenhall, MS. The drive was about 150 miles which took me about five hours. In general, I have to say that Louisiana roads stink. They are bumpy and not well maintained. I guess if you build on swamp land that happens but still they are terrible to drive. It was nice getting to Mississippi with well maintained highways. I arrived in Mendenhall around 2pm.

Entering MS from LA                                                     Interstate 55 in MS

State Highway 28 across MS

League City, TX - Baton Rouge, LA

League City, TX – Baton Rouge, LA

Before leaving Port O’Connor I was able to get my most serious engine problem fixed. I had to drive 30 miles to Port Lavaca, TX and wait all day for the proper part to arrive but I was only charged one hour labor and parts for a total of $129.  A real blessing. Here is the repair shop.  For those in the area I HIGHLY recommend their service.

I left Port O’Connor, TX the morning of January 11, 2009 and arrived in League City, TX around 4pm. I stayed the night at a Cracker Barrel. Most Cracker Barrel’s have overnight RV parking for the tired and weary RV drivers.  A distant cousin (recently located via genealogy), Fred Coffey and his wife, from Houston came by and treated me to dinner at Freddie’s Seafood.  I woke up at 4pm and started driving. I did not know  how far I would get. My final destination, Mendenhall, MS was too far for one more days driving, however, I wanted to get at far as I could. 

Port O'Connor, TX:  Relaxing and some work

Port O’Connor, TX: Relaxing and some work

gulf150xAfter San Antonio (and Westhoff) I made my way down to Port O’Connor or POC as the locals say.  POC is right on the Gulf coast about 30 minutes south of Victoria, TX.  As an investor/affiliate in the program i was offerred to stay in the vacation house of Joel Sauceda, CEO of (If you haven’t joined Big Value Depot do it now. It will be bigger than e-bay sooner than you think.)

The weather has been raining, foggy, windy and, yes, sunny one day.  This stay has given me time to relax, get some RV work done, get some of my Internet work done and generally slow down for awhile.  I enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner at Josie’s